In my previous post I talked about the rise of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine in the new Aquarian Age that our planet is currently moving towards as we say goodbye to the Piscean Age at a steady pace. The changes of this shift in Ages take time to fully implement however, they will eventually result in a beautiful Earth for all that will be totally different from life as we have known it. Earth that is characterised by equality, peace, harmony, abundance, prosperity and freedom for all inhabitants of the planet and is governed by love not by greed, power, competition, money and control. However, the road to getting there is not going to be a smooth road for many. 2020 so far has already proven to be a tough year for a lot of people and the truth of the matter is things are going to get a bit tougher on the world stage.

As for how difficult the changes will be dealt with depends on one’s understanding of and actions towards what is actually going on in the world and on our planet. The thing to remember is that everything starts on an individual level and then moves onto the collective so it all depends on what individuals do for themselves and for others. Love over fear at all times is the answer as is knowledge and action.

Firstly, there is a greater need for more and more people to move towards higher consciousness now more than ever before. Many are indeed currently waking up at a faster rate to the reality of the world in which we have been living, which is fantastic and absolutely necessary especially at a time when Earth itself is ascending. I know that for many the thought of the beautiful Earth that I described above may seem like something unachievable or like if it did occur, it would not happen for a very long time. ‘Not in our lifetime or that of our children,’ others will say. Agreed, it will take time to get to this ‘new Earth for ALL’ but certainly not as long as people tend to think. The truth of the matter is there are already different timelines occurring on our planet right now. These timelines are due to each individual’s level of consciousness. In other words, the ‘new’ Earth that I referred to is not going to be something that happens out of the blue when everyone wakes up one morning and sees a world that is suddenly different from what it has been for so long.

The changes happen gradually as both men and women begin to understand and practice embodying the Divine Feminine energy and also begin to move up a stage in their levels of consciousness. There are three “different dimensional states of consciousness available to us on Earth,” (Tanaaz, Understanding the 3 States of Consciousness: 3D, 4D, and 5D) which are the 3D, 4D and 5D states.

The 3D timeline is the one that most of us have known for a very long time in our lives. In this dimension, the main focus is on fear and “life is a competition. There is not enough for everyone and some people have to miss out. Fulfilment is found in making money and social status” (Tanaaz). This is the ego-based life that I have talked about a lot in previous posts; the world that we see today which has a lot of inequality, suffering, wars etc and in which there is this sense of separation i.e. each man for himself against the world. One can find “joy in living life from the 3D state but pain and deeper emotions” (Tanaaz) are more difficult to manage for individuals meaning that on a personal level a large part of the earth’s population operate from a place of pretending all is ok, stress, anxiety, anger, sadness, depression, numbing down, the list goes on and on. In the 3D joy therefore tends to come and go.

To also bring a personal perspective into this; when I began my spiritual journey, I realised that I had always been a person who is full of love yet I was gripped by fear in so many ways for most of my life, in ways that I didn’t even realise due to my level of consciousness. I had fear within me that bound me and kept my soul imprisoned. This fear originated from different sources such as childhood socialisation, societal conditioning and programming, childhood and life wounds, ancestral, personal and even past life traumas and then the stories that I had created for and about myself in my own head from all I had learnt and known throughout my life seeing as that is all I knew. As a result, I had to open my eyes when I decided to understand the deeper meaning of life. This meant that I had to start off by learning to heal myself and to face my own demons by digging in to find my true authentic self, deep down past that personally and socially constructed individual on the surface who I had always known myself to be. It is an ongoing process but I am finding what is underneath it all to be pretty amazing :).

So, carrying on with the consciousness timelines, on the opposite side of the 3D timeline is the 5D, which is focused on unconditional love. There is no fear in this dimension, only joy and love at all times and there is a deeper understanding of the fact that we are all connected and equal. There is abundance for all in this dimension, no need to compete and there is an ability to live one’s life as ‘heaven on earth’ whatever that may be for the particular individual. This is when one starts to live life by following their heart, remembering their connection to our Creator and doing the things that brings them joy from within not from the outside or from what society or other people say life ought to be. This is when one is not gripped by fear of what others will think or of trying to fit in but simply does what makes their heart sing. This is also when one lives by being of service through helping to serve humanity, the environment and the planet. 5D consciousness is the ‘new’ Earth that I was referring to above and although it may seem unbelievable the truth of the matter is there are people who are already living this life right now here on Earth after having unplugged themselves from the 3D matrix. In between the 3D and 5D there is the 4D timeline, which one could loosely call the transition timeline to 5D.

Moving into higher consciousness is therefore about stepping away from the fear and ego that characterises the 3D and more towards unconditional love. Consciousness starts off by people learning to see things from a different perspective by realising that the power is within themselves not outside and they need to quieten their busy mind and life so to understand this. Consciousness also comes from realising that there has been a lot more going on in the world than meets the eye and that it is now time for people to start asking questions, to seek answers, to do their own research and find out information for themselves rather than simply keep on taking in the narrative of agenda that comes from ‘the people in power,’ the news and the social media that people tend to be plugged into most of the time. Fear and inability to ask questions is what has kept humanity stuck because the “ego mind has been programmed with all kinds of false beliefs” (Vera, 3D, 4D and 5D — The Dimensions and their Differences), false beliefs that have kept people in the system so they can carry on working harder and harder to earn more money to keep the status lifestyle going yet it has resulted in mainly the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer which in turn has kept increasing the gap of inequality in the world.

Consciousness is also about people realising that we are all spiritual beings who are here on Earth having a human experience meaning that we are all connected and not separate as we have been taught for generations and it is about people realising that there is more to life than the everyday world of pain and suffering both at a personal and collective level that most of us have known for a bigger part of our lives. Consciousness is also about humanity waking up and realising that everyone has the right to be free whatever race, sexuality, nationality or age one may be and it is our duty to use our voices to speak up, to come together as a community and help to eradicate the injustices and inequalities that have been going on in our world for so long. By more people moving towards higher consciousness wherein love and equality are a focus then reaching ‘new’ Earth can certainly be achieved way sooner by many.

As things keep heating up on the world stage, the important thing to remember is to always operate from the heart more, from a place of love no matter what may be going on and to stay positive rather than focus on negativity. It is important to remember to keep spreading love and to always know that no matter what may be happening, there is always something to be grateful for, whether big or small. Using gratitude as an attitude and thinking positively helps to raise one’s vibration. By embodying the Divine Feminine energy and also focusing on self-love, one begins to learn to step away from fear and the bondages of the 3D world.

I mean who does not want to live life in a beautiful world preferably near nature and the fresh air; a life full of love, joy, equality, peace and harmony? Is that not what every individual is chasing when they search for love outside of oneself; by chasing material things, money, social status, control and power thinking that external things will bring in all the peace and joy? Heaven on earth can be achieved in the not too distant future by all individuals. It is just a matter of humanity changing its level of consciousness and moving away from fear to focus on love because love is our essence.